As Inside, So Outside & Vice Versa: Foundational Concepts in Building Internal Community

at Healing Together conference, Orlando Florida, February 1-3, 2019

Presentation scheduled for Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2:00-3:30pm.

a 90-minute plural-positive workshop for plurals, supporters, & professionals

The goal is healing  internal relationships to foster internal community. Step away from viewing a DID system from a very isolating, retraumatizing, and stigmatizing lens that encourages internal hierarchy, power and control dynamics, internal chaos, distrust, and resistance within the system. Using concepts from everyday human interaction including group facilitation, organizational theory, or good social common sense, external group dynamics, and healing dysfunctional social dynamics, we will apply them to the internal DID system, creating a lens through which we can eliminate unintentional internal bullying, coercion, mis-application of force, and internalized abuse dynamics.

  • discuss the concept of “as inside, so outside (and vice versa)” and then go into how it applies specifically to internal community building 

  • define internal power struggles and excessive control issues 

  • employ positive community-building principles to internal system interactions 

  • evaluate imbalances in internal system power dynamics that are creating friction within the system 

  • distinguish poor system participant behavior that is being reinforced from outside the system 

  • outline and demonstrate language and attitude improvements for clients or others within the system 

  • express and give examples of internal system dynamics that inhibit internal cooperation 

  • identify unhealthy system dynamics at play 

  • plan ways to challenge and assist in changing dysfunctional internal dynamics to ones that foster internal communication and system trust

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